[Application for evaluation] NS-H3 Sweat-absorbent four spring silicone knee pads

product information:

Product Name: Young (æ¼¾)
Material: neoprene Material size: 46' 56' 19' cm
Configuration: built-in venting holes; silicone anti-slip;
Four spring assist;
Protection level: secondary

Price tag: 198

Number of people assessed: 5 (one pair each)

Registration conditions:
1. Please take the product in the actual use environment. (Welcome to parks, balconies, etc.)
2. The reviewer needs to have some outdoor experience, enjoy outdoor activities, and have a travel plan in the near future.
3. Experience in writing assessments is preferred. Applicants who have conducted assessments are accompanied by a link to the assessment report.
4. The evaluation report needs to explain the evaluation products in video form.

Registration method: Reply to the registration under this post

List announcement date: June 26

Note: Friends who have obtained the evaluation opportunity must submit the evaluation report within one month after receiving the product.

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Registration requirements:
1. Equipment Cool Square Posts: June 12th~June 26th release>30 square posts or 500 points [Friendly Tip: Downloading mobile app to earn points is easier]
2. Applicant profile (not less than 100 words): Have outdoor experience, familiar with product performance, and can carry out horizontal and vertical comparison of similar products.
3. Report the travel plan and size for the last month
4. Planning evaluation method (recommended creative ideas)
5. Other impression bonus points (if not, ignore this item)

Outdoor equipment top evaluation group: 70310530 Apply for entrant verification information to fill in the equipment cool ID, no registration ID, refuse to enter the group

Equipment cool official evaluation activity list http://zhuangbeiku.com/blogs/573

Equipped with cool news articlesEquipped with cool news articles

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