4 sets of fitness artifacts allow you to stay out of shape

Gym? Too far. Community fitness? No track! How to do? Otaku Otaku wants to exercise. Do not worry, bedroom fitness artifacts to help you, make full use of those fragmented time, exercise has been "deserted" for many days of the body.

Artifact 1: Table or Chair

Use your chair to do sit-ups. Specific methods of operation: sitting on a chair, place the waist flat, legs on the ground, hands and head, shrink the head and feet to the abdomen, it is best to be able to rest the head on the knee. Every day for 10 minutes, adhere to a few months, there will be abdominal muscle effect.

Tips: This action has certain risks. The children imitate and the big friends should pay attention to safety protection.

Push-ups with chairs. Hold your hands on the chair first, place your hands and feet, and start doing push-ups. Always lower the head below the chair. Similarly, ten minutes a day, you can exercise your arm muscles and chest muscles. After exercise, it is best to do chest exercises to stretch muscles.

Artifact II: Dumbbells

To exercise the upper body, there is nothing better than a dumbbell. Because you can exercise while watching the show, not even spending those fractional hours.

Artifact III: Yoga Mat

Do not disturb upstairs upstairs and downstairs, you can also learn yoga video. However, yoga takes a little longer and requires peace of mind. It is recommended that you set the time on Saturday and Sunday.

Artifact IV: Fitness Ball

This artifact is small and easy to collect. The effect of proper exercise is also amazing. It can improve people's flexibility, strength, balance, posture, cardiopulmonary function, but also change the hunchback posture, thin lower abdomen, arms and legs and so on. There are too many advantages, and it is really an artifact that must be taken care of.

Summary: In addition to the above artifacts, otaku can also consider grip force, chest, crank barbell and other muscle artifacts. Of course, there are many ways to exercise without using artifacts. Exercise is insistent, and in time, good body will be there.

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